How I Started Jogging

This is how I started jogging. One time, I went for my afternoon jog. As I started jogging, I had this overwhelming feeling of how very very much I hate it. How I would rather hide out in bed. And so I started thinking how to make myself start doing it more regularly.

There are all sorts of ways of thinking about this, all valid to a point. If you are like me and dread going jogging, a few basic things you could start thinking about are:

Start when you wake up and work your way backwards. It might take you longer to do but after a few days you would have gotten yourself into the habit of jogging in the morning.

Start with one jog or one day.

Gradually start with more days.

You can start with walking and jogging slowly at first and gradually increase your pace.

Start at the beginning of the jog so you are starting when you wake up or do something different that day.

To start jogging in the morning, start jogging at least one day before you start, then one day after, and then start jogging the day after.

Some of you might think of this as strange and in a way, I sort of used to as well. But it would be far more realistic to think of it as I started jogging on my weekend mornings as well. And as the days went by, I slowly moved my entire jogging schedule to be in the morning.

I started to notice more and more how much I started enjoying the fresh air and how much my mood actually improved.

So my goal for every day was to finish the jog with some extra running. I didn’t quite know how long it would take me. But I was hoping to try and do it in under 15 minutes.

I got myself ready, got my headphones ready and started jogging. And the good thing was that I was completely focused on running. I didn’t feel like I had to do much to go faster. I wasn’t jogging to be competitive. I was just doing it as part of my normal exercise routine. And so I had no fears of running to much or running too long or any of those thoughts. And the bad thing? Well, I didn’t quite make it. I ended up running for exactly 15 minutes. I was not even close to jogging for 21 minutes.

I guess jogging is going to take time, patience, and a lot of thinking. It is going to take some kind of motivation to get me started but I am going to have to start jogging to start jogging. It may take a bit longer but I am hoping it is something I can start doing more of.

Anyhow, I am going to try to keep up my jogging and see how far I can go. And I would love to hear from you guys with your thoughts and suggestions as well.

And if you think jogging is impossible for you, please tell me how you made it start, how you started jogging or what jogging plan you would start.

I will start jogging whenever I find a jog plan I like. And I think I have jogging in my mind from now on. Maybe I can try and jog at least one day, every weekend from now on.

Until next time,